Behavioral Health Technician


A Behavioral Health Technician (B.H.T.) shall track and monitor residents progress with their Activities of Daily Living (A.D.L.s) in a
behavioral health group home setting, and ensure that all of the residents needs are being met on a daily basis. Clinical record-keeping and
assistance with medication regimens are paramount in this role. Maintaining constant communication with Administrators of a group home is
expected. This role requires persistent educational tools to keep the B.H.T. abreast of the latest knowledge in the profession. This clinical
environment maintains a professional work ethic that provides residents of the group home with the highest possible confidence that their
expectations of recovery and recuperation are of utmost importance.

Medical Assistant


Work in conjunction with Nurse Practitioner and Pharmacist to ensure medication accuracy and compliance by residents. Position requires
ability to multitask and keep track of appointments needed by all residents. MA is minimum requirement.