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PKR 15,000


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SEO Training in Lahore

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Introduction to SEO Training Course (Search Engine Optimization) 

SEO comprises the set of practices used for optimizing a website for increased visibility and relevance in search engine rankings. Basic principles of SEO are not only clear and precise to understand, but they are also essential and easy for building a successful web presence for your business.

Optimizing Website for Search Engines

This process has 3 main pillars:

On-page SEO

Optimizing a website may involve content editing, modifying HTML, or maybe changing the entire website, and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords, etc.

Off-page SEO

This requires to add useful content to your website, spreading the word of mouth on different social mediums like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, getting backlinks from reliable sources, giving online press-releases, etc.

Measuring Success

Numerous analytics softwares are in the market for measuring our online success, Google has played a tremendous role in providing free and valued analytics tools like webmaster search console, google analytics, google trends, we can also buy paid tools from the online market these tools are also rich in their features and reports.

SEO – make money while sleeping

SEO is renowned worldwide for online earning, and mostly starting work online is free of cost. Online earning is the type of work in which a person earns money by working from his home using Internet and a computer. Nowadays, there are many online earning ways like email marketing, website making, blogging, but the most reliable source is “SEO”, so you can make money by having the seo skills and it is such an easy thing that donot requires specialization and degrees anyone can start who has basic  english and computer understanding.

Course Outline

This is a chance for Students of Bachelors and Master Programs, Fresh graduates and Freelance developers to learn SEO tips, techniques, methodologies and software to attain top organic search engine ranking of your websites.


Introduction to SEO

Understanding Search Engines

Market Identification

On-Page Optimization

Picking out Keywords

Optimization – Tuning the Pages

How to Build SEO Friendly Website

Off – Page Optimization

Website Submission

Link Marketing

Monitoring Search Engines Rankings

Techniques to Avoid or Use at Your Own Risk (Search Engine

Web Analytics

Online Earning

Working with AdSense

Search Engine Advertising

The Sales Funnel and Customer Life Cycle

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4.99 Based on 910 reviews

Sir Awais is a very good trainer and very responsible. He is very professional and good in digital marketing & SEO.

Chloemex – 18 Mar 20

Let’s dive into a 5-step organic Search engine optimisation strategy that is sure to get your website in Google’s excellent graces.

Mudassara Yasmine – 14 Dec 19

ICT is the best place to learn professional skills

Talha Arshad – 05 Oct 19

Everything was good can’t ask for anything better. The teaching method was practical based and I have learnt a lot from Sir Awais.

Sumeed Javed – 24 Sep 19

Best experience in education period. Both staff and teachers are cooperative.

Salman Khawar – 18 Sep 19

Overall experience with institute and Sir is excellent.

Emma chansa – 21 May 19


Talha Naeem – 21 May 19


Arooj Sajjad – 17 Apr 19

Best envoirnment in class and best method of teaching good communication skills

Foad Ahmad, Marketing Manager – Azure Accountancy – 01 Mar 19

I have found ICT Trainings amongst the best professional education and training institutes. Mr. Qasim Nadeem is a very dedicated and professional instructor. The course was very comprehensive, easy to understand and is now helping me to excel it in my professional life. I really enjoyed my time studying at ICT Trainings.