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07 Sep, 20
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05 Oct, 20
Online Training

05:00 PM to 06:30 PM


2 M

PKR 9,000

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Importance of English language in today’s world

English is an Internationally used communication way

There are several factors that make the English language essential to communicate in the current time. Firstly, it is the most common foreign language. This means that two people from different countries communicate through English. So in order to get in touch on an international level, everyone needs to learn English. Speaking English will help you to communicate not just with English-speaking ones but with people all over the world!


English is a necessary element in education. Being the dominant language, everyone is encouraged to learn English. English is used in every subject at the university level in order to make the material more accessible to international students.

Travel and Business

With good understanding and communication in English, you can travel across the world.

Furthermore, English skills will also help you in any business venture you choose to follow. Any big company will opt the professional staff if they are good at English. Companies who want to function at an international level only consider the well educated and English speakers.

Benefits of learning the English language

English is our primary source of communication. Through, spoken English course you can speak English fluently and you will become perfect in listening, writing and speaking. Speaking English is a great way to interact and meet new people in a proscribed setting which improves your personality and growth. Most importantly, It will build up career opportunities to lead a booming standard of living as English is not only a global language but a language for global businesses. This helps you to gain self-confidence; remove your shyness and you will be able to achieve the desired results.

Why learn spoken English?

Spoken English course in Johar Town, Lahore, PK

Although many people think that it is very difficult and confusing, ICT-Trainings serves this language for people who want personal development and achieve the highest peaks of success in their lives. So do not make it a headache, that learning English is quite a difficult task but actually it is the easiest language in the world to learn. As soon as you decide you want to learn, there is no power that can stop you from achieving your goals.

What you should expect from ICT?

The institute aims to help candidates acquire and develop English language knowledge and skills. ICT prepares the students to use English for their professional studies and in the needs of real-life and work.

This course will further give the students the opportunity to speak on general topics, to communicate in Business environment and to understand the English speaking world.

Who should enroll in speaking English course?

In today’s world, English is the core language of every country and community. Almost everyone can speak English, but in their own dialects. So to learn the best accents of English, you should enroll in this course at ICT-trainings. This will help you to excel in every level of life.

Spoken English course goals

ICT-trainings institute serves the students with a safe and relaxed environment. Which helps them to deeply concentrate on language along with practicing it as speaking and listening.

Lets Speak program is ICT Training’s great new way to learn English, and quite a departure from the standard books and tools. Instead of spending hours reading and writing, students have the opportunity to engage in challenging and fun speaking and listening as well as reading and writing activities with their colleagues.

Language educators have long used the concepts of four basic language skills:

The four basic skills are related to each other by two parameters:

We may represent the relationships among the skills in the following chart:










he Lets Speak comprehensive course aims:

To develop in learner the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in a well graded manner.

To bridge the gap between the learners and world with English.

To enable them to use English for day-to-day communication, in academic and social situations.

To shape the way learners learn English.

To develop, nurture and enrich their vocabulary.

To provide a sound knowledge of grammar and the ability to apply it in spoken and written communication.

To equip them with the skills and abilities required for learning on their own with a view to promoting learner autonomy.

To inculcate in them the habit of reading extensively and appreciating the literature in the language.

To create opportunities for learners to realize their creative potential.

To prepare the learners to use English for global communication.

How can we help you?

Through us, you can become part of the International speaking world. We help you to build your confidence and to enhance your skills to use English in your daily life, for further study and at work with our different levels of courses.

How can you improve?

You will experience a good learning atmosphere with our interactive sessions and real life tasks. We provide you with newest technology to help you learn English and personal attention to facilitate your learning. You are going to be evaluated constantly and be given feedback to improve further.

Why English Language at ICT?

The following salient features at ICT make it a best choice:







Ayesha asif – 25 Jun 20

All is good

Ameer Hamza – 12 May 20

I had a great experience to study the course in this institute. They have trained staff and expert trainers in their field. Our instructor also knows that how to teach and motivate the students.

Saqib Ali – 27 Nov 19

i want speak english and your institute is very great place

Muhammad Shan – 16 Nov 19

I started this course and I got my effort reward. This all became success because of hard working of our class instructor. The environment of class was very good.

Muhammad imran – 20 Oct 19

After reading this data, i an sure about to say that, this is a good institute and centre for learning spoken english language .But its fee is too much, everyone can’t afford this.

Ali Haider – 14 Sep 19

One of the best experience I had. Good teaching staff and nice atmosphere.

Rehan Anjum – 21 Aug 19

Overall I learned a lot of things become familiar very much.

M.Masab – 21 Aug 19

It is very professional and good institute for students to learn.And Sir Zohaib is very excellent teacher.

Syed Kamran Hussain – 25 Jul 19

My point of it is good atmosphere in class room.It is very nice training institution.

Syed Kamran Hussain – 25 Jul 19

My point of it is good atmosphere in class room.It is very nice training institution.

Rabia Fazal – 23 Jul 19

Every thing is competate and good .No bad comments.

Syed Fakhar Abbas – 23 Jul 19

It was really a good experience for me.All the people and faculty members are good and well trained and really helpful.

Kamran – 23 Jun 19